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Everybody wants to pick a perfect FUT draft squad, but it’s not easy. There are, however, ways of picking the best FUT draft. We will focus on those ways in this guide. The importance of picking the right players is almost the same as playing and winning matches.

You have to concentrate on picking a good captain, manager, and players. You should not disregard any position because they’re all equally important for winning FUT draft.

Rewards and entrance fee:

There are three ways of entering FUT draft. The choice is yours. You can pay 15000 coins, 300 FIFA points, or pay via draft tokens (which are available in store).

Regardless of your success, you’ll always generate points. Even when you lose, you’ll get the compensation equal to the entry fee. Prizes are random, and the quality of the prizes depends on your progress. The further you manage to go – the better your rewards will be.

Here is a list of potential rewards:

  • Jumbo rare players pack (rare) – 100k coins
  • Rare players pack – 50k coins
  • Mega packs – 35k points
  • Rare gold packs – 25k points
  • Premium gold players pack – 25k points
  • Jumbo premium players pack – 15k points
  • Gold players pack – 12.5k points
  • Jumbo gold packs – 10k points
  • Premium silver packs – 8.5k points
  • Jumbo premium silver packs – 7.5k points
  • Gold packs – 5k points
  • Silver players pack – 5k points
  • Jumbo silver pack – 4k points
  • Silver pack – 2.5k points
  • Coins

The Guide

The first step is to choose a proper formation. This is an important step, so pay close attention. Upon entering FUT draft, you can choose from five different formations.

fifa formation

If you’re comfortable with a particular formation, it’s advised to stay in your comfort zone. If you can’t find the formation you’re most comfortable with, choose the most similar one to yours and you should be fine.

If you want to experiment, it’s advised to choose a formation which matches the same positions as the current top-quality players who are available in FUT draft.

You should stick to a formation including wide midfield positions. That way you can draw some quality players like Messi and Ronaldo later on.

Chemistry is important for consistency. Without good chemistry, even the best players tend to underperform. Building a good and synchronized squad is mandatory for winning FUT draft.

At the end of your draft check out your chemistry. If you’re not satisfied, change it now because it’s quite difficult to do it later.

If you’re new to this, it’s advised to stick with one league. Build your team as close to 100 chemistry points as possible.

The more experienced FIFA players can build full hybrid squads and attempt to reach 100 points that way. If you’re not an experienced player, stick to one league, it’s much safer.

When you’re facing tough selections think about chemistry styles. Chemistry styles are important for player’s synergy. By utilizing it perfectly you’ll notice an improvement in performance thus increasing your chances of winning by a lot.

fifa chemistry style

There is a known method of using chemistry styles to your advantage. When you lock in the 11 players you want on your team, their chemistry locks in as well. The substitute players, on the other hand, can change.

Once you’ve set up your team go ahead and go to the next step. Before doing anything go back to the previous screen and rearrange your team. You’ll notice the chemistry points don’t change even if you change the player.

Whether it’s a bug or a glitch, you can use it to your advantage, and it’s not punishable.

Another great method is early substitutions. Once you start the game, all your chemistry points lock in. This way you can pause the game and substitute your players with better ones sitting on the bench. The reason you have better players on the bench is that they maybe didn’t have good chemistry in the draft.

But, as we know, chemistry points lock in when the game starts. Sub a better player right from the start and he should perform to the best of his ability. Regardless of the synergy, he has with others.

This is an important tip as well, remember to use it whenever you start a new game. This is the best and the easiest way to attempt winning four matches in a row.

Xbox users, seven legends will be in FUT draft every week, use this opportunity to get good players for your team.

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