(Last Updated On: March 23, 2017)

FIFA season is upon us once again, and this year we just might have something to look forward to. Over the years we’ve seen many editions of this game each only slightly better than the previous.
EA’s effort to prove that they are better at creating football games than their biggest competitor Konami were finally notices and highly appreciated.

Changing the fundamentals can be a risky but also a potentially profitable bold move. And this is exactly what they did with this year’s FIFA-stripped the game mechanics to the core and rebuilt it, removing flawed elements in the process. If you are still in the limbo of doubt, wondering whether you should buy this game or not, have a look at our list of reasons.

From Ignite to Frostbite.

The biggest reason why you should actually expect something from this edition of FIFA is the different game engine. EA was confident that Ignite engine, the one that they’ve used so far for sport games, will give their games that “fresh” look.

ignite engine

This year they’ve decided to change everything and try out something new. Now, we all know that DICE is EA’s subsidiary video game developer known for their success with FPS games like Battlefield series and Mirror’s Edge. But what we didn’t know is how their realistic modeling techniques can enhance this year’s FIFA.

Online Matches.

You can play online matches against your friends or other players that you find on the web. Winning matches online will get you coins, the main currency in online mode. You can spend those hard earned coins on buying new player cards in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The biggest problem with the invention of this currency is the possibility of a fraud. For example, if a player is leading in an online match, and disconnects for some reason, he will automatically win the match and get the coins. This is something that EA is trying to fix so we should expect a new update soon enough.

Realistic Look.

Speaking of Frostbite and their approach on model scanning we can’t ignore how amazing the players in FIFA 17 look. By introducing facial expressions to player’s faces that we’ve never seen before, they are imbued with real life emotions. This only talks about how dedicated they were at making this game look realistic and feel unique. Every action has an effect on players and coaches, and they will express this emotion every time the camera catches their faces.

ignite vs frostbite

The weather effects are amazing, but there are smaller details that show how important every change is. Over time as players get exhausted, they sweat, and you can actually see beads of sweat accumulating on their faces as the game progresses. And these small details are exactly the things we are talking about when we mention EA’s attention to details.

Gameplay Itself.

There are two main reasons why gamers are divided into FIFA and Pro Evolution fans. If you are looking for a fast-paced soccer game, you will play FIFA. If however, your focus is on the technicalities of player’s movement, you will most certainly favor PES. This year, EA has decided to change the fundamentals of their game mechanics.

Not only that it’s a lot harder now to take a ball from a player, but they’ve managed to make this guarding stance and guard related movement more fluid than in any previous PES game. This way fans can experience something they’ve never seen before in FIFA game series.

New Singleplayer Mode?

With the introduction of a new singleplayer mode, they’ve lured us into a world beyond the football matches or manager’s offices. Something we’ve never seen before in this type of games. It rejuvenates a game that was often criticized for staying the same with every annual release.

fifa the journey mode

Due to a two-year development program, this new game mode provides a unique experience to FIFA fans. What it also gives players is a nice alternative to just playing matches with their friends over and over again. Every single detail and effect like the intensity of court trials, the victory, as well as the misery of defeat was nicely captured and provides a depth to the story mode.

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