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In FIFA 2017 Ultimate Team, chemistry plays a very crucial part. You can increase the attribute of every player by almost 90 points if you find a great individual chemistry combination. However, if you have a low chemistry rating then some of the attributes of the players that you have will decrease significantly, a golden player will drop to a silver.

It might be a little bit expensive, but the benefits are massive. To some people, chemistry is very difficult to understand, how it exactly works, what is affecting it or how to combine different types of chemistry types can be a little complicated but don’t worry we are here to explain to you everything about chemistry in FIFA 2017 that you need to know.

A short guide about chemistry in FIFA 2017

It can be very hard to understand how exactly chemistry works in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, especially if you start looking at the actual calculations of it. To fully understand everything about it, we will start from the beginning and explain the important fundamentals that you need to know.


First, to answer some of your questions, why would you want to have a high team chemistry? Well, the reason why you want your team chemistry to be high is because it will affect the attributes of your players when they are playing a match.

Depending on your team chemistry lever it can decrease or increase the attributes significantly. However, the player chemistry and the team chemistry does not affect the attributes the same way.

There was a post made by EA Sports where they revealed the exact percentages that affect players, it turned out that the player chemistry is responsible for almost 75 % of the increases in the player’s attributes and the other 25% is due to team chemistry.

Knowing that it is much more important that you have for example a card with the maximum 10 player chemistry than to have a 100 team chemistry. To have such good cards you have to open expensive card packs that cost a lot of coins.

Now that you understand the basics, we can start teaching you more detailed. The changes in the player’s attributes are determined by the hidden overall chemistry rating of the player. Just like the team chemistry, the overall chemistry rating is also 100 max. It is very simple to understand when will the attributes decrease or increase.


All you need to look at is the rating of the overall chemistry if the rating is below 50 from the 100 the player’s attributes will start decreasing. In the other hand if the rating is above 50 the attributes will increase. By the exact number of the overall chemistry rating, you can know how much the attributes will decrease or increase.

Most important things to remember for the Chemistry:

Individual Chemistry – This is rated out of 10 for every player.
Team Chemistry – This is rated out of 100 for the whole team.
Overall Chemistry – It is a hidden rating that is depending on the combination of individual and team chemistry rating.
Styles of Chemistry – These are modifiers are responsible for which attributes are increased or decreased, also the amount they are increased by.

How to calculate the overall chemistry rating

Because the overall chemistry rating is hidden, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find out the right rating of it. In fact, there is a very simple and easy way you can do that, you just need to follow these steps carefully. Multiply the individual player chemistry with 10 and after that with 0.75, now write down somewhere the result you got.

Then multiply the team chemistry with 0.25 and when you get the result of that all you need to do is add those two results together and you will get the overall chemistry rating. There is a lot of different factors that are affecting the individual player chemistry and the team chemistry because of that it is possible to have a high team chemistry and a low player chemistry at the same time for one player.

In fact, to have 100 team chemistry you can use orange and green links between players and still quite easily hit the 100 rating. In some cases, even if you have few red links connecting players you can get away with it if you provide enough green and orange ones.


There are four different fundamentals that can increase the chemistry ratings in FIFA 2017.

The position of the player can be found on their card. You will see either red, orange, or green color. The red color means that the player is out of position and he is decreasing the individual and team chemistry. Orange means that the player is somewhat out of his position and still decreasing the chemistry ratings. However green means that the player is in a perfect position and that he is increasing both the individual and team chemistry.

Player links are the lines that connect players and you can see these links in three color variations. The color of the link is based on the things that players have in common such as what club and league they play in or what nationality they are. The red link means that the two players have nothing in common so it will decrease the chemistry.

Orange means that the players you connected have one thing in common and it will increase the chemistry. The green colored links mean that two or even more things are in common for those players and the chemistry will be increased even more than orange.

The manager can affect the individual player and the team chemistry. If some player has one thing in common with the manager such as league or nationality, he will get a chemistry boost. You can recognize them by the small green tie icon that the player will have on his card.

Loyalty bonus is given to every player that played 10 or more times for your club. The loyalty bonus will increase the individual player chemistry by 1.

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