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What is it that makes FIFA 17 such a great football game? Is it the authentic football atmosphere that the game so realistically recreates every time you enter a match? Or is it maybe because of how good the game actually looks and how awesome every move is that a player makes?

The developers didn’t focus on any of these things when they were creating a game from which they expected to amass this much attention. FIFA 17 is all about how you manage your team, which players you buy and sell, how you upgrade your strategy and techniques on the field. It is all these things combined that make this game great as it is.

Knowing team management skills is only the first part of learning how to play FIFA 17, as no matter how good you’re at it, you’ll need resources to utilize those techniques. Gold, as well as points, are essential for every FIFA 17 player, so how does one go about acquiring unlimited amounts of these resources?

Transfer manipulation

Knowing which players can bring you money, and which will only make your progress slower, is essential in FIFA 17. There is a lot of gold to be made on transfer list if you know where to look, when to buy and when to sell players.

If you want to get free FIFA 17 coins and points all you need to do is create a lucrative transfer list and stick to a routine of buying low ranked players and selling them for more than you invested. The minimum amount of coins that you need to have on your account for this procedure is 200 coins. You’ll also need to create a new account.


There is no need to use your data as this account will be solely for acquiring free coins and points. Once you’ve created a new account, head to squad building transfer list and look for players around 200 coins. Buy as many low ranked players as you can with your current amount of gold.

The goal here is to create a pack and once you’ve acquired rewards from it, sell the previously bought low ranked players. You’ll be able to sell them for around 15 thousand coins, only because they’ve raised rank during the process of unlocking the pack.

Squad building challenge manipulation with transfers

Building a squad in FIFA 17 may sound easy, but if you ever tried to create a functioning team successfully, you know that you’ll need more than sheer will do to do so. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get to complete the challenge, get the gold and get a couple of players on the transfer as well.

Now, you’re probably thinking, if it’s this complicated to get something out of squad building challenges, why bother? There are certainly reasons to think about it this way because in to get a decent amount of coin, you’ll need to invest a considerable amount of your time.


No one said it’s the fastest way to earn free gold. If you’re looking for a ‘quick cash’ in completing squad building challenges, there are few of them that are extremely easy to complete. Head to squad building challenges, hybrid leagues, and highlight the ‘crazy eight’ challenge.

Completing this particular one will bring you around 2000 coins, while all you need to do to get them is exchange a squad that has moderate chemistry. It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for ways to get more coins in FIFA 17, you pretty much know already how chemistry work.

If so, you won’t have problems completing this challenge. Simply exchange a squad that has at least eight rare players, hence the name ‘crazy eight,’ and chemistry above 88. Getting that much chemistry will be absurdly easy when you have that many rare players.

Completing sixes with a Russian team

There is nothing more satisfying in FIFA 17 than completing a challenge and getting the reward. If you’ve tried to get the ‘sixes’ squad building challenge, but always ended up mixing players together, spending money on wrong transfers and ultimately failing at fulfilling the requirements, here a quick way to complete it.

Apparently, your targeted league for this challenge should be from Russia. They have the most suitable players for this challenge. So what are the requirements to complete this challenge?

They’re not that demanding actually. In your squad, you should have exactly six nationalities, maximum two players from the same nation, six rare players, chemistry above 80 and overall rating that exceeds 79. As you’ve noticed there are quite a lot of requirements.


Although, once you complete this challenge and get the prime gold players pack as well as a considerable amount of coins, you won’t think of completing this challenge as a waste of time. Look for relatively cheap players from 500 to 1000 coins and build your squad, chemistry and overall rating from there.

If you’re having trouble finding suitable players that are within your range of spending, try with Yuri Lodygin, Chris Smalling, Jesus Navas, etc. These players will cost you almost less than nothing, and you’ll be able to build a squad, complete a challenge and get the awesome prize as well as coins and points.

Once you get the grand prize and get a couple of rare players from it, you can advance or try to complete harder challenges that will get you even better players and more coins.

So if you low on coins or generally need more FIFA 17 resources, try with any of these techniques and see how your income of gold and points pour into your account. Naturally, you’ll need a minimum amount of coins to try these techniques, but you can’t earn if you don’t invest.

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