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Made for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, FIFA 17 is the latest association football game in EA Sports’ hugely popular series. FIFA 17 has received a face-lift with the Frostbite graphics engine and is filled with new improvements and tweaks to gameplay.

The main being an updated career mode that lets players live the story of rising soccer star Alex Hunter as he makes his way through the English Premier League, but also gives them the chance to be a club’s manager, and work behind the scenes. Decisions on and off the pitch shape the story in this exciting new addition to the FIFA series.

Why Do You Need a Lot of FIFA 17 Coins

FIFA17 coins or FIFA Ultimate Team ( FUT) Coins are the official in-game currency. They are used for your FIFA17 Ultimate team to buy various consumable items, packs, and players. Depending on which system you’re playing FIFA17 on, you’ll get different kinds of coins. PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions have their separate FUT coins.

Everyone who’s played FIFA knows you can manage and upgrade different parts of your football squad. To help boost your team’s performance and get new players, you will need lots of coins. FIFA17 has eight different types of consumables, each with a different effect on various parts of the game. They are one of four card types, and can be applied either to team managers or players to improve some stats.


Along with new players, consumable come in the form of silver and gold packs which can be purchased with coins. But, you can also spend coins on the transfer market to get the new players for your team.

To skip the slow process of gathering in-game currency in single player mode, and to play your FIFA17 Ultimate Team online against other’s with a greater chance of success, you will need a steady and large supply of coins.

New Features in FIFA 17

fifa 17 new features

FIFA17 is bringing a whole score of new features to this latest edition, so we’re going to take a look at some of the most important ones.

  • New graphics engine

The new Ignite Frostbite engine helps game developers push the envelope when it comes to realism in stadium and player design, as well as cinematics, and game-play.

  • An exciting Journey

FIFA 17 players will be able to experience the life of a young football prodigy on the path to greatness in the English Premier League.

  • Redesigned game-play

The latest edition of FIFA17 offers fresh options to players thanks to the game’s new engine. Improvements in dribbling, shooting, dummying, and passing expand the possibilities of game-play.

  • Better AI

Improvements in Artificial Intelligence have players moving like never before, with better spatial awareness which optimizes their decision making and offers a stunningly realistic experience.

  • New mechanics

Using pushback technology, FIFA 17 has a new collision system which makes the fight for the ball, on the ground or in the air, truer to real life. Throw-ins, penalties, corner kicks, as well as free-kicks have are revamped for more creativity, variation, and control.

  • New content

New licenses mean new teams and names which mean hours and hours of fun for new and old players alike.

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FUT 17 Guide

FUT, or FIFA Ultimate team is back with FIFA 17, and it’s looking better than ever. Despite new features, this team building online mode requires that players know some fundamentals if they aim to be successful. If you want to give your squad the best chance of winning, sit back and read these important tips to keep you on top of things.

1. Being with the single-player Draft tournament

FIFA17 Ultimate Team Draft is a mode that lets managers pick world class players to compete in four-game tournaments for large prizes. Players starting up FIFA Ultimate Team for the first time will be thrilled to learn that your first tournament comes free. The prize money you can win this way will go a long towards building your actual Ultimate Team thanks to coins, various bonuses, and gold packs.

2. Learn about player chemistry with the Draft

To real build a successful team in FIFA17 Ultimate Team, you need to know player chemistry. It is more important than the ratings of individual players. With the Draft, you can forget about stat boosts, player ratings, etc. You will need to focus on finding players of the same nationality, who are from the same league, and in a best case scenario, play for the same club.

3. Avoid gambling in Draft mode

Unlike real world football managers who are known to gamble, you should avoid it when starting to learn about the FIFA Ultimate Team Draft. Having in mind the high cost of entering, you don’t want to mess up and lose in the first round, or worse yet, on your first try.
That’s why it’s best to get a feel for the game with a single-player tournament with the difficulty adjusted to your level of skill. It will be more predictable and easier than online play against other people.

4. Use Gold players to build teams

If you only have a few gold players at your disposal, create a team around them. Focus on player chemistry and make sure your team works together like a well-oiled machine. Put countrymen together and use the transfer market to fix any holes you might have in your squad.

6. Earn rewards by doing managerial tasks

FIFA Ultimate Team managers can make more coins by doing extra work from the Manager Tasks section found in the My Club menu. Challenging the Team of the Week, among other things, can bring in a nice bonus.

How to Win More Points and Coins in FIFA 17


FIFA 17 is the latest game in the famous series of football games from EA sports, and it’s bound to attract a lot of new and old players alike. To help everyone out, we’ve put together a guide on how to win more points and coins.

How to win coins

Claim your freebies

Each new player gets a certain amount of coins and free card packs. Once you get to know your team, you can head over to the FUT store to open those packs. While on the lookout for high-rank consumables and players, you can choose to sell the things you don’t need with the Quick Sell option and get coins right on the spot.

Play FUT games

Despite the initial complementary package, you’ll need much more to make your dream team. You’ll need to compete in various matches, drafts, and tournaments. Single Player Draft, Season and Tournament, as well as Team of the Week, are all excellent sources for coins. Game difficulty affects the reward multiplier, as well your performance during the each game.

Try the FUT draft

Although it requires a significant amount of coins to participate in, the FUT draft is a good way to win a heap of packs and new players, and thus coins by using the game’s market. You play in a dream team tournament with the chance to win big rewards if you manage to last long enough.

Sell extra cards

Each team has cards that complement it. Instead of building a whole new team around cards, get extra coins by selling what you don’t need.

Winning points

If you want to win points for FIFA17, you can find apps for your phone online, and earn credits by downloading apps. Once you’ve earned enough credits, it’s just a simple matter of claiming your prize, and getting those much needed FIFA points.

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