(Last Updated On: March 23, 2017)

Did you know that now you can watch a live broadcast of FIFA 17 matches? BT Sport has announced that now they finally have the rights to broadcast the remaining matches in EA FIFA Majors. This means that you’ll be able to follow your favorite players not only online, but on television as well. For the first time, football fans can enjoy watching virtual football matches. What does this mean for the gaming industry?

More Than a Game

With stunning graphics and realistic physics, video games are becoming more than just a form of virtual entertainment. With events such as these where professional gamers compete and battle each other for a seven-figure prize and a status of FIFA 17 champion, it’s not hard to notice how this can be inspiring for other gamers. The competitive gaming industry is rapidly growing and luring gamers to contribute to its growth by either watching and supporting their favorite football teams and players or by signing up and participating in the event.

Simon Green, the head of BT Sport, reminded gamers how this is yet another example of live innovation in gaming. General Manager of the Competitive Gaming Division, Tod Sitrin, added that this is a great opportunity for competitive gaming to achieve mainstream success. The only way to do so is to increase accessibility and raise awareness of events such as these.

fifa ultimate

EA FIFA Majors will be broadcasted live next month. You’ll be able to follow you favorite gamers on television starting 8th of April. Being that the North American regional final is the next big event in FIFA 17 competitive gaming, you can contribute by betting on your favorite team and win awesome prizes. Wondering how to get coins for FIFA 17? There are numerous ways to do so, the fastest way to get your hands on precious FIFA coins is to bet on a winning team, and wait for the outcome after the broadcast is finished. If you got your prediction right, and the team you’ve bet on wins, you can get a hefty sum of coins and start your professional gaming career. You can improve your team, stats, and buy players with coins that are otherwise out of your reach.

FIFA 17 is becoming increasingly popular game worldwide, but especially in the United Kingdom. One of the reasons of such success is exactly in these competitive matches, that invite player to increase their skills and become professional gamers that someone else will watch and bet on online or on television. With hard work and dedication, you too can become one of them, so watch the upcoming matches closely and study the techniques presented by top players. There’s quite a lot to learn if you know where to look, and what better chance to upgrade your skills than to learn from the best. So ask yourself, where will you be when the next championship is broadcasted, battling the next champion or watching the event on your television?

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