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With the newest FIFA installment, we’ve got a special present in the form of a perfect football simulating game. There is almost nothing bad to be said about FIFA, and we are surely not about neat-picking here. Like in the every new iteration, FIFA 17 brings us better game engine, nicer textures, and new features. The biggest change, however, is the Journey mode.

The Journey is a way to have an RPG experience playing a soccer simulation, to put it short. Here, you will be able to create a character and play a season controlling everything he does. The story is a classic tale of upbringing – you start off as a young player from the academy and get drafted to a big league team. This is where your Journey begins. The quality of your experience depends on the way you play and the points you earn. Points made here can be spent on unlocking different rewards, cards, and many other special Easter eggs.


As we said, your story and your Journey begins with a match and a choice. You start off playing a qualifying match, and if you are good, enough you get drafted into a big team. In case you lose, you will be told to go home, with an option to replay the game for a better result. Also, in this game, you don’t make your character name, but rather get a preset called Alex Hunter. As a developer, EA is known for making story-rich games; FIFA 17 is not an exception. You can make choices regarding certain situations, and they will have the impact on your gaming experience.


After playing a qualifying game, you will be asked to choose the team of your preference, and you should do just that. Pick a team you always wanted to play for or the one with the best player. It’s up to you. You character will now play for that team, create good or bad results and earn in-game points. These points can be spent on special features, player packs and much more. Also, you can get FIFA 17 coin generator for extra points if you feel like it.


The experience you have while playing might best be described by a word: cinematic. You will spend half of your in-game time playing and training and another half conversing, making decisions and tactics of the pitch. Every once in a while, when your player does remarkably in a game, he may get a press conference. Also, at certain critical dates, there will be cut scenes with your player talking to the press, other players or the manager. Here, you can choose your responses in a Mass Effect manner with your dialogue affecting the future of the conversation.


On the pitch, you reign supreme. Stripped of all the extra content, here you can experience the real FIFA. You can lead your avatar through the green battlefield and every time you score, pass correctly or assist; your rank will go up. The better you perform and train – the higher will the stats get. After finishing the game, everything you earned will be utilizable. Your character gets unlocked in the game so you can play with him even outside the Journey. Here you can see how important the team choice is and how overall stats influence the game.


To get rewards in the Journey mode you need to earn the points. These points you can earn by playing the game or by getting them via FIFA 17 coin generator right away. There are several things you can get here, mostly game specials and what we call the DLC but the most important aspect are the FUT cards.

FUT cards unlock certain players and allow you to play them. They also can boost the stats of individual players and collect more of them makes you stronger. Getting good FUT cards can mean a difference between having a strong and a weak team so they are important. Most players want to get all of the rarest cards and packs, and it’s not possible to get them all at once by just playing the game. We advise using the FIFA 17 coin generator in this case.


For example, getting up to having a stack of 100k coins can be a challenging business. And after all of it, spending it all to get one rare players pack can be quite unsatisfying. That’s why the coin generators for FIFA 17 are so popular. We won’t blame you if you wish to use them. We know we do.


Playing the game focused on only one player might sound a bit different then what you are used to, and it is. But it is a fresh change of pace you’ll love. You’ll learn how switching focus from the entire team to only one player can have impressive results. Also, it’s easier to boost your player’s stats if you concentrate more on him.

As important the matches can be, you must not forget about the training. Training field is where the most of the magic happens and where you learn how to do all the things you want to do. The training drills are fascinating and useful for both Journey and the rest of the game. Aside from being beneficial to get you to know the game mechanics they can boost your abilities. Proving yourself on the testing grounds will make you a better-fitted opponent on the pitch.


Overall, FIFA 17 once again proved us how much fun can a football game be. With earning skill points and coins in Journey added, you are bound to have a lot of fun. We hope our review has helped you get some insight into the new feature the game offers. Have a good time!

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