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If you ever played FIFA then you know it’s all about the consistency. Being able to produce good results the whole time, even if you’re not playing your best is the part of building that consistency.  We designed this guide to try and help you focus on different ways of maintaining this necessary element.

Let’s revise these ten tips and try to make your gameplay a bit easier. Bear in mind these tips are not in any particular order.

  1. Throw-ins

When you’re attacking, don’t rush your throw-ins. Many players rush their throw-ins, and they end up gifting the ball to the other team. Even players in high divisions make this mistake.

If you’re defending, make your opponent go backward. That way you’re forcing your opponent to make extra passes thus increasing the chance for error.

  1. Veteran Fouls

This method may be unpopular, but it’s super-effective. It’s time to for you to wrap up somebody. Make sure they are unable to continue the attack. If you’re not able to catch the rhythm of the opponents counter-attack, make a smart tackle.


As long as you don’t come from behind, you’re not going to get a red card. When you’re out of rhythm, that’s when you’re conceding goals.

  1. The chase back

Use your midfielders to help you with defending and cutting the passing lanes. Don’t use your defenders to chase the opponent if they’re too far away. Instead, use your midfielders. Even strikers if they’re in a circumstance where they can help.

It’s all about increasing your odds of an interception and increasing your odds of a tackle.

  1. Clearance

The clearance is when the opponent sends a through pass to their teammate, and you clear the ball out of the field. It’s a crucial tip because you drop a massive amount of pressure with good clearings.

If your opponent is losing the game, you better be sure they’ll invest all players in the last minutes of the match. Sometimes, you just need to send the ball far away from your goal.

  1. Use your goalkeepers

If you ever watched the competitive scene and the high level of FIFA games, you noticed every team uses their goalkeepers. It’s like having another outfield player.

fifa goalkeeper

If you’re in the 50-50 situation, using your goalkeeper will increase your chances for success.

  1. Understanding the radar

Radar is a huge factor in FIFA. This thing can take a Division 5 player all the way into Division 1. It’s that big of a difference, being able to understand your formation and your tactics is paramount.

Practice your mind to acknowledge the presence of the radar and you’ll see a massive improvement in your play.

  1. Preferences

Taking your player’s preferences into consideration is important. Take a look at their ratings. Which players have four stars skill moves? Which players have five-star skill moves? It’s all super-relevant.

If you’re playing with a left-footed player, force him to use his left foot to shoot. It’s simple, yet so effective.

  1. Sideline protection

Sideline protection is a method of keeping your opponent guessing. Use the sideline of the pitch, move the ball back and forward. You need to show to your opponent that you’re not scared.

Throw in a couple of combos. Few different skills and you’ll incorporate the addition of variety. The best defense is a great offense, remember that.

  1. Short free kicks

Regardless of your position, you should always deliver quick free kicks. It’s a free pass. Call your selected player over, give him the ball, and start a strategic attack. Why kick the ball relentlessly and end up in a 50-50 header challenge? Why give away possession if it didn’t even equal the opportunity to score a goal off that free kick?

free kick rabona

You can pass a short ball and start a quick and furious attack. The golden rule of FIFA is – don’t hand over your opponent possession unless they earned it.

The final point we want to discuss is a broad area of FIFA. How do you interpret it is up to you. We’re looking at the controlling the game.

  1. Control the game

Control the rhythm and the speed of the match. Being able to counter quickly and then on another attack being able to slow the game down and make sure that you’re connecting the passes is the primary goal.

If you’re comfortable more than your opponent, if you make your passes count and control whether you go fast or slow, you’re going to win the game. Just take control and you’ll do fine.

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