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Fifa is the latest addition to the franchise, and it surely didn’t disappoint. The game is popular all around the world, and the fan base is huge. Everyone wants a piece of cake, so we made this guide to help you out with some ways of earning coins in FIFA. Bear in mind; these are all legitimate and free strategies for making coins.

FIFA 16 coins are essentially virtual money used in the game to trade items and buy packs. By playing Fifa Ultimate team matches (FUT) you generate a certain amount of coins.

These four steps will help you earn coins faster and easier:

  • Play FUT Matches
  • Receive gifts
  • Trade at the market
  • Redeem items from the catalog

You will generate FIFA coins for every FUT match you play, regardless of the outcome. Even if you lose, you’ll still get some coins. Something is always better than nothing.

To check out how many coins you got from a match open up the details in the Match Award menu.

It’s important to finish every match you start or else you won’t be able to gather as many coins as possible.

Developers of FIFA thought about everything, the complex math behind earning coins is amazing. They track everything, the good stuff as well as the bad stuff you do during your match.


Goals you score, possession percentage, corner kicks, MVP, pass accuracy, they take everything into account. They award you properly and accordingly.

Also, you will lose points for offsides, cards, fouls, and received goals. So play smart.

Play single player mode tournaments and season. By finishing a tournament or a season, you get some coins, regardless of the tournament outcome. Whether you get eliminated or relegated, you’ll still earn a certain amount of coins.

If you’re not able to beat the opponent, lower the difficulty of the A.I. But, you’ll have to increase the difficulty later on to generate coins.

Consider challenging the Team of the Week to generate some coins as well. The prize depends on the match difficulty you chose, and it varies from 150 to 1000 coins.


The trick for getting coins is to start with the highest difficulty and decay to the one you can beat. You will generate coins the whole time along the way.

When it comes to our second advice, receiving gifts, it’s quite simple. EA Sports occasionally has promotions and free gifts to offer to their users. If you log into their application daily, you have a chance of winning a gift. If you get lucky enough and receive coins, the prize varies from 250 to 2500 coins.

Trading at the market is a serious step. The market is the place where all the coins are. The simplest way of profiting on the market is to buy a card and sell it for a bigger price.

Bear in mind; EA takes 5% of every transaction, so to profit you will need more than 5% of the gain.

Trading players and trading cards will definitely help you profit.

There are a few ways of successful trading:

The lowest auction time on the Transfer market is one hour. There’s a method of earning some coins by getting the item immediately. Scroll down and find the newest sales, grab a cheap card and resell it for a better price.

fifa 16 transfer

One more method of generating coins is to buy and sell fast. Often cheap players on the Transfer market have their prices lower than their Quicksell values. Grab the opportunity, buy a player for a low price and resell him with profit.

Redeeming from the catalog is our last step. You have the option to get ten boosts for 750 FCC.

The boosts will put extra coins to your post-match earnings. You have ten games to accumulate a massive amount of coins using these boosts.

Depending on your level you can pick things from your catalog in the game and use them to your advantage.

We hope this guide helps new players as well as the veterans to generate as much FIFA coins as possible. There are many methods not yet discovered; these are the four simplest ones available.

Remember, you have to put a great amount of effort in your goals. With persistence and patience, you’ll gather enough coins to do whatever you want.

Play the game, don’t leave lost matches. Have a healthy dose of sportsmanlike behavior. These three elements are the most important for gaining FIFA coins.

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