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When FIFA was first released, it didn’t look like much. The technology back then allowed us only that much regarding visuals, graphics and what could be called physics video games. Since then every single sequel of the game brought something new.

The graphics improved, features were added, and the game became realistic over time. With FIFA 17, we’ve seen so many improvements that previous editions didn’t offer, but is it perfect? Is there nothing more to add to make it any better? There is always room for improvement and progress in video games.

Until the moment there is no difference between reality and a video game, there will always be room for improvements. So what is it that football simulator fans want to see in the next FIFA game?

Unnatural slides during tackle

There is nothing more annoying than when your player gets tackled from an impossible angle. It’s not a pleasant feeling when you’re leading the ball getting closer and closer to the goal, and then all of a sudden get tackled by a player that’s way behind you. It can ruin the whole experience in any match.


This happens a lot especially when playing against a computer. It’s as if they know a secret to magically sliding and successfully tackling any player without causing a foul. This is a serious flaw that FIFA 17 has right now, and we’re sure that every fan will agree to this.

Tragicomedy in penalties

There is an evident problem with the penalty system in FIFA 17 and it bothers so many people. Although watching a goalkeeper jump from one side of the goal to another can be fun, it does ruin the experience of playing a relatively good football game.

The power meter for the kick can easily overcharge especially on online matches. Penalties should be easy to perform, but in FIFA 17 you won’t score every time playing 1 on 1 against opposing team’s goalkeeper. It seems as if you really need to practice shooting penalties before starting any match.

Players injuries

Football has changed a lot during the past decade. While some injuries are overlooked other are punished no matter the intention of the player. In FIFA 17 they’ve focused too much on injuries and reactions of referees. Every contact with opposing team’s player can become a foul.


So you really need to pay attention to your tackles and slides. The game looks stunning visually, but it feels a bit off when it comes to contact and tackling system. As you buy players and upgrade your team, whether by getting FIFA coins for free of purchasing them with real money, your team will become more efficient at defending as well as attacking.

But the gap between abilities among high ranked players and low ranked ones is huge. If you tackle a player with a relatively high scored player you won’t get a foul. However, if you make the same move with a lower ranked player, you’ll definitely earn a yellow or possibly even red card.

Hardheaded headers and corner kicks

It’s absurdly easy to score a goal from a free kick, corner kick or any cross kick for that matter. All you need to do is press a button at the right moment, and no matter how far the player is from a goal, in most cases he’ll send that ball into the net.

Headers are scoring goals from impossible angles, and there nothing your goalkeeper or any other player on the field can do about it. The developers definitely need to pay attention to this when creating FIFA 18.

The game needs balance regarding player’s abilities and other things as well such as injuries, penalties, and free kicks. We sincerely hope that they will fix this in the next edition of FIFA. Otherwise, the game won’t get the most positive score.

Limp limbs

Glitches are one thing, but when a ball that’s heading towards a goal has a player standing right on the path somehow manages to pass through him is completely unacceptable. If you’ve played FIFA 17 for a while, you must have noticed this.


It’s as if the trajectory of the ball creates a whirlwind of some kind that bends the arm or leg of players found in its way. It can be hilarious to watch, but it affects the game. If EA games want’s players to continue playing FIFA they need to fix this as soon as possible.

Terrible goalkeepers

Goalkeeper’s ability to stop the ball from crossing the goal line is utterly unacceptable. They are professional football players, and the way they act in FIFA 17 is unacceptable. The game is realistic, as mentioned before, the graphics create a unique atmosphere that you can only experience on a live football match.

But when the goalkeeper behaves like an obese teen on a trampoline, jumping and falling consistently and letting the ball enter the goal in the process, it tends to ruin the fun on playing a FIFA game. No matter high ranked you goalkeeper is, he will, from time to time, act as he never played football in his life.


FIFA 17 features an online mode where you can find players online and compete against them with your best team. Unfortunately, there is a problem with continuity in connection, laggs, as well as other issues concerning matchmaking.

Players can simply disconnect from the match, which goes to your benefit. But you can also get disconnected from the server for unexplained reasons. This can make people furious, especially if you’re leading.

Getting a message that you were disconnected for no apparent reason can turn a FIFA fan into gamer that has every reason to resent the game. If EA doesn’t fix the problem with servers, this FIFA will definitely be the last edition of the game that had any players playing it.

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