FIFA 16 Tips, Tactics and Coins

Learn how to manage your coins effectively and dominate FUT 16
Best Ways to Earn Coins in FIFA 16

Best Ways to Earn Coins in FIFA 16

Fifa is the latest addition to the franchise, and it surely didn’t disappoint. The game is popular all around the world, and the fan base is huge. Everyone wants a piece of cake, so we made this guide to help you out with some ways of earning coins in FIFA. Bear in mind; these are all legitimate and free strategies for making coins.

FIFA 16 coins are essentially virtual money used in the game to trade items and buy packs. By playing Fifa Ultimate team matches (FUT) you generate a certain amount of coins.

These four steps will help you earn coins faster and easier:

  • Play FUT Matches
  • Receive gifts
  • Trade at the market
  • Redeem items from the catalog

You will generate FIFA coins for every FUT match you play, regardless of the outcome. Even if you lose, you’ll still get some coins. Something is always better than nothing.

To check out how many coins you got from a match open up the details in the Match Award menu.

It’s important to finish every match you start or else you won’t be able to gather as many coins as possible.

Developers of FIFA thought about everything, the complex math behind earning coins is amazing. They track everything, the good stuff as well as the bad stuff you do during your match.


Goals you score, possession percentage, corner kicks, MVP, pass accuracy, they take everything into account. They award you properly and accordingly.

Also, you will lose points for offsides, cards, fouls, and received goals. So play smart.

Play single player mode tournaments and season. By finishing a tournament or a season, you get some coins, regardless of the tournament outcome. Whether you get eliminated or relegated, you’ll still earn a certain amount of coins.

If you’re not able to beat the opponent, lower the difficulty of the A.I. But, you’ll have to increase the difficulty later on to generate coins.

Consider challenging the Team of the Week to generate some coins as well. The prize depends on the match difficulty you chose, and it varies from 150 to 1000 coins.


The trick for getting coins is to start with the highest difficulty and decay to the one you can beat. You will generate coins the whole time along the way.

When it comes to our second advice, receiving gifts, it’s quite simple. EA Sports occasionally has promotions and free gifts to offer to their users. If you log into their application daily, you have a chance of winning a gift. If you get lucky enough and receive coins, the prize varies from 250 to 2500 coins.

Trading at the market is a serious step. The market is the place where all the coins are. The simplest way of profiting on the market is to buy a card and sell it for a bigger price.

Bear in mind; EA takes 5% of every transaction, so to profit you will need more than 5% of the gain.

Trading players and trading cards will definitely help you profit.

There are a few ways of successful trading:

The lowest auction time on the Transfer market is one hour. There’s a method of earning some coins by getting the item immediately. Scroll down and find the newest sales, grab a cheap card and resell it for a better price.

fifa 16 transfer

One more method of generating coins is to buy and sell fast. Often cheap players on the Transfer market have their prices lower than their Quicksell values. Grab the opportunity, buy a player for a low price and resell him with profit.

Redeeming from the catalog is our last step. You have the option to get ten boosts for 750 FCC.

The boosts will put extra coins to your post-match earnings. You have ten games to accumulate a massive amount of coins using these boosts.

Depending on your level you can pick things from your catalog in the game and use them to your advantage.

We hope this guide helps new players as well as the veterans to generate as much FIFA coins as possible. There are many methods not yet discovered; these are the four simplest ones available.

Remember, you have to put a great amount of effort in your goals. With persistence and patience, you’ll gather enough coins to do whatever you want.

Play the game, don’t leave lost matches. Have a healthy dose of sportsmanlike behavior. These three elements are the most important for gaining FIFA coins.

FIFA 16 Guide – 10 Crucial Tips

FIFA 16 Guide – 10 Crucial Tips

If you ever played FIFA then you know it’s all about the consistency. Being able to produce good results the whole time, even if you’re not playing your best is the part of building that consistency.  We designed this guide to try and help you focus on different ways of maintaining this necessary element.

Let’s revise these ten tips and try to make your gameplay a bit easier. Bear in mind these tips are not in any particular order.

  1. Throw-ins

When you’re attacking, don’t rush your throw-ins. Many players rush their throw-ins, and they end up gifting the ball to the other team. Even players in high divisions make this mistake.

If you’re defending, make your opponent go backward. That way you’re forcing your opponent to make extra passes thus increasing the chance for error.

  1. Veteran Fouls

This method may be unpopular, but it’s super-effective. It’s time to for you to wrap up somebody. Make sure they are unable to continue the attack. If you’re not able to catch the rhythm of the opponents counter-attack, make a smart tackle.

fifa 16 foul

As long as you don’t come from behind, you’re not going to get a red card. When you’re out of rhythm, that’s when you’re conceding goals.

  1. The chase back

Use your midfielders to help you with defending and cutting the passing lanes. Don’t use your defenders to chase the opponent if they’re too far away. Instead, use your midfielders. Even strikers if they’re in a circumstance where they can help.

It’s all about increasing your odds of an interception and increasing your odds of a tackle.

  1. Clearance

The clearance is when the opponent sends a through pass to their teammate, and you clear the ball out of the field. It’s a crucial tip because you drop a massive amount of pressure with good clearings.

If your opponent is losing the game, you better be sure they’ll invest all players in the last minutes of the match. Sometimes, you just need to send the ball far away from your goal.

  1. Use your goalkeepers

If you ever watched the competitive scene and the high level of FIFA games, you noticed every team uses their goalkeepers. It’s like having another outfield player.

fifa goalkeeper

If you’re in the 50-50 situation, using your goalkeeper will increase your chances for success.

  1. Understanding the radar

Radar is a huge factor in FIFA. This thing can take a Division 5 player all the way into Division 1. It’s that big of a difference, being able to understand your formation and your tactics is paramount.

Practice your mind to acknowledge the presence of the radar and you’ll see a massive improvement in your play.

  1. Preferences

Taking your player’s preferences into consideration is important. Take a look at their ratings. Which players have four stars skill moves? Which players have five-star skill moves? It’s all super-relevant.

If you’re playing with a left-footed player, force him to use his left foot to shoot. It’s simple, yet so effective.

  1. Sideline protection

Sideline protection is a method of keeping your opponent guessing. Use the sideline of the pitch, move the ball back and forward. You need to show to your opponent that you’re not scared.

Throw in a couple of combos. Few different skills and you’ll incorporate the addition of variety. The best defense is a great offense, remember that.

  1. Short free kicks

Regardless of your position, you should always deliver quick free kicks. It’s a free pass. Call your selected player over, give him the ball, and start a strategic attack. Why kick the ball relentlessly and end up in a 50-50 header challenge? Why give away possession if it didn’t even equal the opportunity to score a goal off that free kick?

free kick rabona

You can pass a short ball and start a quick and furious attack. The golden rule of FIFA is – don’t hand over your opponent possession unless they earned it.

The final point we want to discuss is a broad area of FIFA. How do you interpret it is up to you. We’re looking at the controlling the game.

  1. Control the game

Control the rhythm and the speed of the match. Being able to counter quickly and then on another attack being able to slow the game down and make sure that you’re connecting the passes is the primary goal.

If you’re comfortable more than your opponent, if you make your passes count and control whether you go fast or slow, you’re going to win the game. Just take control and you’ll do fine.

The Ultimate Guide for Winning FUT Draft

The Ultimate Guide for Winning FUT Draft

Everybody wants to pick a perfect FUT draft squad, but it’s not easy. There are, however, ways of picking the best FUT draft. We will focus on those ways in this guide. The importance of picking the right players is almost the same as playing and winning matches.

You have to concentrate on picking a good captain, manager, and players. You should not disregard any position because they’re all equally important for winning FUT draft.

Rewards and entrance fee:

There are three ways of entering FUT draft. The choice is yours. You can pay 15000 coins, 300 FIFA points, or pay via draft tokens (which are available in store).

Regardless of your success, you’ll always generate points. Even when you lose, you’ll get the compensation equal to the entry fee. Prizes are random, and the quality of the prizes depends on your progress. The further you manage to go – the better your rewards will be.

Here is a list of potential rewards:

  • Jumbo rare players pack (rare) – 100k coins
  • Rare players pack – 50k coins
  • Mega packs – 35k points
  • Rare gold packs – 25k points
  • Premium gold players pack – 25k points
  • Jumbo premium players pack – 15k points
  • Gold players pack – 12.5k points
  • Jumbo gold packs – 10k points
  • Premium silver packs – 8.5k points
  • Jumbo premium silver packs – 7.5k points
  • Gold packs – 5k points
  • Silver players pack – 5k points
  • Jumbo silver pack – 4k points
  • Silver pack – 2.5k points
  • Coins

The Guide

The first step is to choose a proper formation. This is an important step, so pay close attention. Upon entering FUT draft, you can choose from five different formations.

fifa formation

If you’re comfortable with a particular formation, it’s advised to stay in your comfort zone. If you can’t find the formation you’re most comfortable with, choose the most similar one to yours and you should be fine.

If you want to experiment, it’s advised to choose a formation which matches the same positions as the current top-quality players who are available in FUT draft.

You should stick to a formation including wide midfield positions. That way you can draw some quality players like Messi and Ronaldo later on.

Chemistry is important for consistency. Without good chemistry, even the best players tend to underperform. Building a good and synchronized squad is mandatory for winning FUT draft.

At the end of your draft check out your chemistry. If you’re not satisfied, change it now because it’s quite difficult to do it later.

If you’re new to this, it’s advised to stick with one league. Build your team as close to 100 chemistry points as possible.

The more experienced FIFA players can build full hybrid squads and attempt to reach 100 points that way. If you’re not an experienced player, stick to one league, it’s much safer.

When you’re facing tough selections think about chemistry styles. Chemistry styles are important for player’s synergy. By utilizing it perfectly you’ll notice an improvement in performance thus increasing your chances of winning by a lot.

fifa chemistry style

There is a known method of using chemistry styles to your advantage. When you lock in the 11 players you want on your team, their chemistry locks in as well. The substitute players, on the other hand, can change.

Once you’ve set up your team go ahead and go to the next step. Before doing anything go back to the previous screen and rearrange your team. You’ll notice the chemistry points don’t change even if you change the player.

Whether it’s a bug or a glitch, you can use it to your advantage, and it’s not punishable.

Another great method is early substitutions. Once you start the game, all your chemistry points lock in. This way you can pause the game and substitute your players with better ones sitting on the bench. The reason you have better players on the bench is that they maybe didn’t have good chemistry in the draft.

But, as we know, chemistry points lock in when the game starts. Sub a better player right from the start and he should perform to the best of his ability. Regardless of the synergy, he has with others.

This is an important tip as well, remember to use it whenever you start a new game. This is the best and the easiest way to attempt winning four matches in a row.

Xbox users, seven legends will be in FUT draft every week, use this opportunity to get good players for your team.