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How good are you at FIFA? In certain moments players get the feeling that it’s extremely easy to score in FIFA, in other, it seems that it’s virtually impossible. This is due to the variety of effects on players and teams. Imagine that you can control the outcome of every match and anticipate every move that opposing team makes. But how to achieve this level of proficiency? Your expertise depends on your knowledge of the game and your skills.

Only once you’ve learned the game inside out can you expect to be any good at playing it. We’re here to show you how it’s done and how you can master the game in short period. You will learn how everything from managing a team, how to spend the in-game resources to acquire best players, game tactics and more.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Guide

The first thing that you need to do in order to create the ultimate team is learn how chemistry works. It affects how much of a benefit you get on players stats. If they have a severe lack of chemistry, it will affect the overall proficiency of your team and you don’t want that. Other than this it will affect the stats on their own card. If their chemistry is above seven, they’ll actually get an increase in their values. If the opposing team has higher team chemistry than yours, your team will suffer ability wise. Each player can have maximum ten chemistry. But how to max out a player’s card?

fut 16

You can do this by using that particular player in over ten matches, increasing its proficiency with each game, or having extremely strong links all across the board to that player. Four things affect the player’s chemistry:

  • Being in the correct position.
  • Playing in the same league.
  • Being of the same nationality.
  • Playing in the same team.

While you’re in your team setup pay attention to red links. Red links are the dead links, which means there is no common ground between those two players. Furthermore, there will be no bonus on chemistry and your players will perform poorly. Orange links are weak links, they will provide a minimum bonus on chemistry. Green links, however, are strong links. This is what you should aim for. To get green links, you’ll need to connect players that are either of the same nationality and league or of the same team. Green links can be used to compensate for the effects of red links and balance your chemistry bonus.

fifa 16 chemistry styles

Regarding the correct position, you don’t have to put them in the exact position to get the bonus chemistry. For example, you can put a right-mid at a left-mid position and still get some chemistry bonus. As long as you avoid placing players on utterly wrong positions, you can get a decent amount of chemistry.

How to Get Free FIFA Coins and Points?


Buy the coin boost from catalogue option in the customize tab. This will give you boost and extra bits of bobs, such as celebrations, borrowed players to use in the game and much more. If you buy this coin boost for every game that you play, you will get extra coins after each game regardless whether you win or lose. It’s advised to do this at the start of your career to get the most out of it. This is by far the easiest way to get your hand on some coins.

Do NOT Quit

No matter how bad you’re losing and how crushed your team is getting, don’t quit on any match. Not only that it will be a good learning experience, but you’ll also get a DNF bonus, or did not finish bonus. It gets bigger the more games you complete without quitting. So if you are a sore loser, ignore what your natural instinct tells you and finish the match regardless of the outcome. Quitting every match will significantly reduce your DNF bonus, and you’ll have to build it up again to get bonus coins. If you get it high enough, you can get as much as thousand coins bonus per win. So think about it next time you want to quit and ongoing match

Playing vs. Computer to Get Cash

The computer is really easy on lower difficulty such as amateur or semi-pro. So even if you didn’t play FIFA before, it’s advised to start your training this way. But won’t this affect your skills? Surely you’re aware of the fact that you won’t learn anything if playing against weaker opponents than yourself. Well, not necessarily. You can play against the computer on lower difficulty with a weaker team and still get the win. This way you’ll break a sweat while beating them, and still get the benefits like earned cash and give your players a chance to rest. So you don’t have to worry about wasting your points on fitness cards.

Another advantage of playing against computer other than saving on fitness cards and points is that you’ll earn cash. So if you’re close to buying a new player and you’re short on some coins, you can easily get them by playing a couple of matches with a computer. It’s also great for experimenting with different tactics and player setup. You don’t want to do this in an online match against real players.

Learn the Discard Values of Players

Your discard value is your basic price of the player. This will actually save you a lot of coins, and it will ultimately affect your team as every player on the market that you buy is either non-rate or rare. The non-rare players are worth 300 coins at least and rare player’s price can go up to above 650 coins.

discard prices

Managing your resources is important in this game, so you’ll want to pay attention to underpriced rare players on the market. Basically, whenever you see an exceptional player with a price below 600 coins, you should make the purchase. Even if you discard them right away and sell them back, you’ll earn coins.

Pick a Compact Formation

Creating a good formation is what this game is about among other things. If you’re new to FIFA, your only chance to make some progress is to stick to a good formation. Due to the difficulty of passing the ball in this FIFA edition, you should stick to compact formation, especially if you’re not quite comfortable with your play style. You will get infuriated if you try to win a match using a bronze team and a wide formation. Their skills to pass the ball will be unimaginably poor and there will be nothing for you to do to actually score and try to win. So what’s the plan here?

fifa formation

Your best strategy should involve picking a tight formation, such as 4-5-1 that’s got lots of players in the midfield, or 4-1-2-1-2 which makes passing the ball between players so much easier. It will make the game a lot more playable. This is because your players are not very accurate at passing the ball at this level, and their struggle to execute long-distant passes is clearly visible. So if you have lots of players packed together, you’ll be able to make safe short-distance passes and decrease the chance of loosing the possession.

Start with Best Players on the Bench

Despite the fact that no one is proud of using this tactic, everyone seems to do it every once in a while. So don’t feel ashamed because everyone is doing this. If you have a decent team with a good chemistry, but also a couple of strong cards hidden up your sleeve, start the match with those high-priced players on the bench. This way they’ll still affect the chemistry once you bring them as a substitute, and boost your team’s performance once they’re in the game.

Give Your Players Instructions

In the team management section, you can actually set the default behavior for each particular player. If you’re a little bit frustrated with your strikers for not making the runs, you can actually instruct them to get behind the defenders. This means that they will make a lot more runs and ultimately score more goals. On the other hand, if you notice that your defenders aren’t doing their job very well, you can set their default behavior as well.


By picking the defense behavior, which is a balanced defense setting for a particular player, your defense will stay back while you’re leading the attack. This way even if the opposing team manages to steal the ball and turn into a counter-attack you’ll have your defense ready for them. You can experiment and set each player’s default behavior and further enhance your strategy this way. Bear in mind that every time you change the formation, these instructions will reset, even if you’re using the same players. So thread carefully and keep track of your changes to formation settings as well as player position.

Target Players with Good Passing Start When Buying

This is a very simple tip, but extremely useful especially if you’re new to FIFA and still figuring out the game mechanics. We’ve mentioned before that this game is all about passing, and you should be well aware of this even if you’re not even a remote fan of FIFA. In order to win, you need to make sure that your players can make quick passes so you can have full control over the game.You’ll notice that when you start buying players with high passing stats, you have more chances to score. Another thing that you’ll notice is that your possession rating increases and this affect your overall stats and bonus that you get at the end of each match.

Don’t Be Afraid To Shoot

It’s actually very easy to score in this game, all you have to do is try. If you don’t try you won’t score, it’s as simple as that. This can be applied in other aspects of life as well, but that’s not what this guide is all about. You can score from some silly position even if you don’t think that you have a high chance of doing so. Whenever you feel that you might score, regardless of the angle and position of the player, you should go for it. You never know. You’d be surprised of how many impossible scores were achieved in FIFA championships on Clash of The Legends tournament. These top players knew how easy it is to score and they went for it.

Perfect Your Tactic before Deploying It

We can’t stress enough how experimenting with a favorite tactic can be beneficial to your overall win/loss ratio. No matter how confident you are about the efficiency of your tactic, don’t hesitate to make further test. If you think that your strategy is flawless, the chances are that you’re wrong.

fifa strategy

Every strategy has a weak spot that can be exploited. Not knowing your weak spots can cost you dearly. And other players that you find online, will try to test your strategy and search for flaws. If you notice that the opposing high-ranked team isn’t making much of an effort to score, they’re definitely testing your strategy. Once they find your weak spot, the will use it to destroy you and win the match. Play against a computer on high difficulty or against your friends that are obviously better than you at playing FIFA. You won’t learn a thing if you continue to play against weak players.

So before heading on to online matches, perfect your strategy, learn your team’s flaws and find a way to hide them. Protecting your weak spot is extremely important when playing against advanced players online. Once you know your strategy and know your opponents intentions, no one will be able to beat you. So change your opponent and play under different settings and soon enough you’ll have a bulletproof strategy that no one will be able to compete against.


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